About US

We are specialist in manufacturing of Revolving chairs and all Kinds of office & other furnitures. We deal with vast range of executive office chairs, Beauty parlour seating products & cupboards, other home use furniture like Sofas, dinning tables ,etc. We provide quality of seating products in offices, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Beauty Parlours & Home, etc.


We use Raw material of best quality for manufacturing furniture, which gives long life to furniture. We use Original steel materials, fiber materials, P.U. moulded cusions, etc. Our Products are guranteed for a period of one year. Any deffected same shall be replaced by us free of cost.

Delivery :-

Delivery from Boriwali to Churchgate , CST to Mulund & CST to Chembur free of cost depend upon quantity.


Mr. Balwant V. Desai

Establishment Year